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The Mouse Behind the Dresser CD - The Shaskeen

If you like Irish music, you’ll enjoy this CD immensely. If you play Irish music you’ll find this CD really useful listening. All the tunes found on The Mouse Behind the Dresser are core Irish session repertoire. Accurate transcriptions of all the tunes can be found in the book The Crossroads Dance. Wonderful music.


Born out of Galway and the West, Shaskeen rebounds a tradition that is deeper than time itself. Reels and jigs played with a verve and vigour that commands the ultimate response – the passioned play of dancing feet on the stone floor. And yes, there are songs too, songs of love, songs of place and songs of other, perhaps happier times. Shaskeen have been sharing their music with us for many years now, long may it continue.


Track List


Reels: The Mouse Behind the Dresser, Killaghbeg House, Paddy Killoran’s
Slip Jigs: The Cock and the Hen, The Humours of Whiskey
Song and Polkas: Jimmy Brown the Newsboy, Little Diamond, The Magic Slipper
Jigs: Harry’s Loch, The Monaghan, Henchey’s Delight
Reels: The Golden Keyboard, Ambrose Moloney’s, Jackson’s

Song: Mulroy Bay
Reels: Mary O’Neill’s, The Boys of Portaferry, P. Joe Hayes’
Reels: Jack Maguire’s, Darby’s Farewell to London, The Humours of Toomagh
Jigs: Paddy Cronin’s, Tom Busby’s
Song: Welcoming Paddy Home

Reels: The Leitrim Bucks, Fred Finn’s, Toss the Feather
Jigs: The Maid at the Spinning Wheel, T’Athair Jack Walsh, Father Kelly’s
Hornpipe and Reels: The Swan, The Penny Candle, The Monsignor’s Blessing
Jigs: The Banks of Newfoundland, The Mysteries of Knock, Páidín O’Rafferty

The Mouse Behind the Dresser CD - The Shaskeen

  • The companion CD alond with My Love is in America contain all the tunes in the book The Crossroads Dance.

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