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The Low Whistle Book - Stéfán Hannigan and David Ledsam

This book is designed for beginners. If you already play, you may still find the introductory parts useful. Hopefully, the sections explaining how to decorate traditional music tunes will inspire you. All the in this tutor book is written for the low D whistle. Whistles in other keys will be “transposing” instruments, thus, the 6-finger bottom/key note on a D whistle sounds D, but on a C whistle sounds C and so on. The 3-finger note of the D whistle sounds G and on an F whistle sound B flat and so on. As 3-finger and 6-finger notes will be used to describe tunes and techniques, a table at the back of the book to enable the whistle player to transpose tunes to the required keys by changing whistles rather than fingering.




Amazing Grace

Skye Boat Song

Drops of Brandy

The Winter Gallop

The Green Gates

Melancholy Martin

South Wind

Down by the Sally Garden

Si Beau Si Mór

Roddy McCorley

Primrose Lass

Green Grow the Rushes O

Ship in Full SailThe Butterfly

The Mountain Road

The Ships Are Sailing

The Star of Munster

The Gold Ring

Moll Roe

Castlebar Races

The Peacock Follow the Hen

The Plains of Boyle

Egan’s Hornpipe

The Wounded Hussar

Rights of Man

Northumberland Farewell

Cape Clear

Man of Aran

The Merry Thatcher

Kilty Town

Farewell To Erin

Dusty Windowsills

The Blue Remembered Hills

The Drunken Gauger

Foxhunter’s Jig

The Tailor’s Twist

The Liverpool Hornpipe

Spike’s Lane

The Lonesome Boatman

The Low Whistle Book - Stéfán Hannigan and David Ledsam

SKU: BW506
  • This Low Whistle Book is for people who have never played this instrument before provides all you need to know about how to play the low whistle. It features ornamentation, history and fantastic tunes. The tunes section contains some well-known and some unusual tunes researched and collected from many sources. These range in difficulty from easy to show-off and highlight the sound of the low whistle. Suitable for all whistles.

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