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The Irish Drum An Bodhrán CD - Peter Houlahan

Track List


Opening Jig Set

        The Rose in the Heather

        The Rambler

        Bill Collins’ Jig

Holding the Bodhrán and Beater

Beating the Bodhrán

The Jig Beat Explained

The Kesh Jig - Basic Jig Beat

The Kesh Jig - Triples Added

The Kesh Jig - With Rim Shot

Saint Anne’s Reel - Basic Reel Beat

Saint Anne’s Reel - Triples Added

Saint Anne’s Reel - With Side Work

Saint Anne’s Reel - Varying Beater Positions

Saint Anne’s Reel - Rolls Added

The Kesh Jig - Bodhrán as Notated

The Kesh Jig - Free Style Bodhrán

Saint Anne’s Reel - Bodhrán as Notated

Saint Anne’s Reel - Free Style Bodhrán

The Hornpipe - Off to California

The Polka - Egan’s Polka

The Slide - The Scattery Island Slide

The March - Napoleon Crossing the Rhine

The Slip Jig - Drops of Brandy

Jig Playalong

        Langstrom’s Pony

Jig with Bodhrán Accompaniment

Reel Set Playalong

        The Humours of Scartaglen

        The James Street Reel

        The Monaghan Twig

Reel Set with Bodhrán Accompaniment

Hornpipe Set Playalong

        The Home Ruler

        The Smoky Chimney

Hornpipe Set with Bodhrán Accompaniment

Polka Set Playalong

        Din Tarrant’s Polka

        Seamus Cussen’s Polka

        Munster Bank

Polka Set with Bodhrán Accompaniment

Slide Set Playalong

        Bunratty Boys

        The Lonesome Road to Dingle

        The Clog

Slide Set with Bodhrán Accompaniment

March Set Playalong

        The Centenary March

        The Mountains of Pomeroy

March Set with Bodhrán Accompaniment

Slip Jig Playalong

        The Kid on the Mountain

Slip Jig with Bodhrán Accompaniment

Closing Reel Set

        Sporting Paddy

        Bodhrán Solo

        Foxhunters’ Reel

The Irish Drum An Bodhrán CD - Peter Houlahan

  • The Irish Drum An Bodhrán is complemented by an optional excellent soundtrack featuring Peter Houlahan, Brian Fennegan, Stephen Hayden, Dave Mallinson and Gerrard Thompson. It features the lessons and the tunes can be heard both with and without bodhrán.

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