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The Irish Concertina CD - Mick Bramich

Track List


    1    Cock o’ the north 

    2    The hullichan jig

    3    Off to California

    4    Out on the ocean

    5    The kesh jig

    6    The morning star

    7    The boys of Bluehill

    8    The Kinnegad slashers

    9    The rakes of Kildare

    10    The tenpenny bit

    11    The rights of man

    12    The top of Maol

    13    Apples in winter

    14    The hag with the money

    15    Drowsy Maggie

    16    Garrett Barry’s jig

    17    The humours of Westport

    18    The Shannon’s flowery banks

    19    Martin Wynne’s no. 2 

    20    The humours of Ballycastle

    21    Oh, the britches full of stitches

    22    Carolan’s welcome

    23    The flowing tide

    24    Her mantle so green

    25    The dear Irish boy

    26    The eavesdropper/The Cúil Aodha jig

    27    Lannigan’s ball/Shandon bells

    28    The flogging/Sailing into Walpole’s marsh

    29    The six mile bridge/The wheels of the world

    30    An páistín fionn

    31    Tomgraney castle

    32    O, love, lie beside me

    33    Sullivan O’Moore’s march

The Irish Concertina CD - Mick Bramich

  • This companion CD contains extracts from each chapter of The Irish Concertina and some of the tunes from the appendix.

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