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The Irish Concertina Book and CD - Mick Bramich

Many people buy or acquire an Anglo concertina and find that it is less intuitive to play than it first appears. What is needed, instead, is a systematic approach and, at last, here it is. You don't have to play specifically Irish music to utilise this style; the system employed is one of the most efficient ways of exploiting the peculiar nuances of the this instrument and can be applied to any genre. Keys are tackled in order of difficulty and all types of tune - including slow airs - are tackled. A decent selection of tunes is included.

The book contains 17 photographs and numerous illustrations and diagrams; 14 reels, 20 jigs, 10 hornpipes and 12 miscellaneous tunes, (56 in total, many with chords), rudiments of music, list of dealers, extensive bibliography and discography and a chord chart. The optional tape contains extracts from each chapter on side A and a selection of the tunes from the book on side B.

As an active song club organiser for many years before moving to Devon in 1983, Mick Bramich's connections with traditional music go back to the heyday of its revival in t