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Dance Music of Ireland CD Volume 9 - Matt Cunningham

Track List   -   22 tracks


The Dances


The Durrow Threshing Set (Co. Laois)

The Fermanagh Set

The Caragh Lake (Jig) Set (Co. Kerry)

The Ballycommon Set


The Tunes


Maid on the green, The

Peacock’s feather

Have a drink with me

Johnny Leary’s

Sonny Sweeney’s

Knocknaboul no. 2, The

Dark girl

Barren rocks of Aden, The

Lakes of Sligo, The

Banshee, The

Kitty’s wedding

Wallace’s Cross

Ballydesmond no. 3, The

Spanish lady

Bundle and go

Ship in full sail

Athole highlanders

Siobhán Hurl’s

Dan Mac’s

St. Mary’s

John Walsh’s no. 1

Miss Monaghan

Tim Mulloney

Honeysuckle, The

Cuckoo, The

Mist-covered mountain, The

Westering, TheTop of the Cork road

Sweet Biddy Daly

Humours of Kesh, The

Rose among the heather, The

Boys of the town, The

Eric Cunningham’s

Wandering minstrel, The

Eavesdropper, The

Bill Collins’

Cat in the corner, The

Weavers, The

Danny Ab’s no. 1

Phil Cunningham’s

John Stenson’s no. 2

Off to California

Boys of Bluehill, The

Cobbler, The

Green cottage no. 3, The

Wedding feast, The

Lisheen, The

Jim Doyle’s

Freedom for Ireland

Munster Bank

Hills of Connemara, The

Dance Music of Ireland CD Volume 9 - Matt Cunningham

  • As well as being a fantastic source of repertoire, this CD by Matt Cunningham is also a must for dancers of Irish sets. In fact it has been specially designed for those who wish to learn set dancing. Each set is introduced and played to its proper length and tempo. The sets on this album are: The Durrow Threshing Set (Co. Laois), The Fermanagh Set, The Caragh Lake (Jig) Set (Co. Kerry), The Ballycommon Set.

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