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Dance Music of Ireland CD Volume 7 - Matt Cunningham

Track List   -   24 tracks


The Dances


The Jenny Ling Jig Set

The Waltz Cotillion

The Orange & Green (Co Clare)

The Sliabh gCua Set

The Mazurka Set (Beginners Pace)


The Tunes


Knights of St. Patrick, The

Paddy’s resource

East at Glendart

Rose among the heather, The

Delaney’s drummers

Andy McGann’s

Returned Yank, The

Katie’s fancy

Lark in the morning, The

Wee Johnny

Kilcummin, The

Haunted house, The


Kings of Kerry

Shamrock Hill

Easy Club reel, The

St. Anne’s

Mockingbird hill

Belltable waltz

Marino, The

Moving clouds

Down the broom

Sergeant Cahill’s favourite

Smash the windows

Off she goes!

Un-named jig

Star of Munster, The


Lakes of Sligo

TheBallydesmond no. 3, The

Humours of Kesh, The

Dan the cobbler

Doon, The

King of the clans

Knocknaboul no. 2, The

Wren, Th

Dark girl

Kerry no. 1, The

John Ryan’s

Sliabh Luachra, The

Newmarket, The

Guillane, The

Rambling sailor, The

Over the moor to Maggie

Sally gardens

Craig’s pipes

Morning star, The

My love and I in the garden

All around the world

Skylark, The

Reel of Rio

Molly’s nightcap

Christmas eve

St. Anne’s

Tinker’s daughter, The

Green mountain, The

Come west along the road

Dance Music of Ireland CD Volume 7 - Matt Cunningham

  • As well as being a fantastic source of repertoire, this CD by Matt Cunningham is also a must for dancers of Irish sets. In fact it has been specially designed for those who wish to learn set dancing. Each set is introduced and played to its proper length and tempo. The sets on this album are: The Jenny Ling Jig Set, The Waltz Cotillion, The Orange & Green (Co Clare), The Sliabh gCua Set, The Mazurka Set (Beginners Pace).

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