Dance Music of Ireland CD Volume 2 - Matt Cunningham

Track List   -   19 tracks


The Dances


The Mazurka Set

An Stacin Eorna

Verse of Vienna (Shoe the Donkey)

The Schottische (Heel and Toe)

The High Cauled Cap

TheFairy Reel, TheSweets of May

TheBridge of Athlone

The Cashel Set


The Tunes


Over the moor to Maggie

Sally gardens

Craig’s pipes

Morning star, The

My love and I in the garden

All around the world

Skylark, The

Reel of Rio, The

Molly’s nightcap

Christmas eve

St. Anne’s

Tinker’s daughter, The

Green mountain, The

Come west along the road

Stack of barley, The

Shoe the donkey

Love, won’t you marry me?

Lord McDonald’s

New mown meadows, The

Doon, The

King of the clans

Tom Billy’s

Foxhunter’s, The

Dublin, The

Cottage in the grove, The

Sailor on the rock, The

Mountain top, The


Drunken landlady, The

Boyne hunt, The

Sweets of May, The

Rambler, The

Séan South

Kinnegad slashers, The

Séan South

Kinnegad slashers, The

Séan South

Wi’ a hundred pipers

Danny Ab’s no. 1

Gin I were where Gadie rins

Maggie in the wood

Johnnie, I do miss you!

Barren rocks of Aden, The

Plains of Boyle, The


Ceol an mal

Merrily kiss the quaker’s wife

Denis Murphy’s

Gin I were where Gadie rins

Bill Sullivan’s

Mack’s rambles

Dance Music of Ireland CD Volume 2 - Matt Cunningham

  • As well as being a fantastic source of repertoire, this CD by Matt Cunningham is also a must for dancers of Irish sets. In fact it has been specially designed for those who wish to learn set dancing. Each set is introduced and played to its proper length and tempo. The sets on this album are: The Mazurka Set, An Stacin Eorna, Verse of Vienna (Shoe the Donkey), The Schottische (Heel and Toe), The High Cauled Cap, The Fairy Reel, The Sweets of May, The Bridge of Athlone, The Cashel Set.

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