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Dance Music of Ireland CD Volume 1 - Matt Cunningham

Track List   -   22 tracks


The Dances


The Walls of Limerick

The Siege of Ennis

The Kerry Set

The Haymaker’s Jig

Barn Dance

The Galway Set

The Caledonian Set


The Tunes


All around the world

Miss Monaghan

Mountain road, The

East at Glendart

Mist-covered mountain, The

Pay the reckoning

Peg Ryan’s


Peg Ryan’s

Mack’s rambles

Merrily kiss the quaker’s wife

Danny Ab’s no. 1

John Ryan’s

Frank McCollum’s

Showman’s fancy, The

Old Joe’s

Connaughtman’s rambles, The

Delaney’s drummers

Old man Dillon

Returned Yank, The

Jimmy Ward’s

Old favourite, The

Humours of Tuamgraney, The

Kitty’s wedding

George White’s favourite

Bird in the bush, The

Glen Allen, The

Nightcap, The

Sligo maid, The

Humours of Tulla, The

Macroom lass

Controversial, The


Sports of Multyfarnham, The

Lucky in love

Mountain road, The

Green mountain, The

Miss McLeod’s

Scholar, The

Galway rambler, The

Old woman’s purse of money, The

Paddy’s resource

Daniel of the sun

Mist-covered mountain, The

Billy Brocker

Boil the breakfast early

Mullingar races


Honeysuckle, The

Dance Music of Ireland CD Volume 1 - Matt Cunningham

  • As well as being a fantastic source of repertoire, this CD by Matt Cunningham is also a must for dancers of Irish sets. In fact it has been specially designed for those who wish to learn set dancing. Each set is introduced and played to its proper length and tempo. The sets on this album are: The Walls of Limerick, The Siege of Ennis, The Kerry Set, The Haymaker’s Jig, Barn Dance, The Galway Set and The Caledonian Set.

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