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Pick Up the Guitar Book and CD - Peter Flanagan

No musical knowledge required! This is a book for the rest of us, those who want to actually play something on the guitar, not just strum chords to accompany our warbling. Aimed at both absolute beginners and those wishing to progress to producing tunes, Pick Up the Guitar is an inexpensive and straight to the point solution.




Getting to Know Your Guitar

How to Tune Your Guitar

Replacing Strings

The Left Hand

The Right Hand

Reading Tablature

More Left Hand Information

The Basic Right Hand Strum

How to Play a Tune

More About Playing Tunes

Lead-in Notes

The Double Strum

Basic Strum in Waltz Time

The Double Strum in Waltz Time


More About Picking Tunes

Picking off the Beat

The Capo

Notes on the Guitar




Aunt Rhody

Banks of the Ohio

Black Velvet Band

Camptown Races

Coming Round Mountain

Coulter's Candy

Down in the Valley

The Drunken Sailor

Frère Jacques

Grandfather's Clock

I'll Tell My Ma

Kum Ba Ya

The Leaving of Liverpool

Maggie May

Michael, Row the Boat

Morning has Broken My Bonny

Oh, Susanna

On Top of Old Smoky

Plaisir d'Amour

Red River Valley

Scarborough Fair

Silver Threads Among Gold

Skip to My Lou

When Saints Go Marching In

Pick Up the Guitar Book and CD - Peter Flanagan

  • This tutor, written in tablature by Peter Flanagan, provides a carefully worked out method to give instant gratification from the moment you Pick up the Guitar. You are taught to play tunes with a simple accompaniment rather than just how to strum.

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