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Peeping Tom Tunebook - Ben Woodward and Ian Wilson

Anyone who performs in a dance band, or just plays for enjoyment, can spend hours looking for tunes which are fun, catchy or different. This book has been produced in response to the great demand from people who have come to Peeping Tom ceilidhs or bought Peeping Tom recordings and asked if the tunes are available in written form. The majority of tunes in the book were composed to be danced to. Their phrasing and composition is intended to give that extra bit of lift which makes all the difference to the dancers. Also included are a few tunes which stand in their own right as tunes.






The Abbeyfield

Annie’s Hornpipe

The Dumb Post

Hare of the Rabbit

Mister Priddy’s Favourite

The Skylark

Through the Eye of an Egg

Wollaston Park




Arnold’s March

Billy Bishop’s Jig

The Bedbreaker

The Camels Are Coming

Cheeky Baggers

The Criterion

The Holy Sock


Jolly Geordies 1

Jolly Geordies 2

JT’s Jig

Lizzie Lichine

March of the Moggies

Must Mourning

The Mystery Jig


A Night on the Gin

One for the Road


The Prowed C

Robbie’s Revenge

The Room in the Loft

The Spencer Jig

Tap the Admiral

The Twenty-Fifth of July

Two for the Road


Wandering Wally




The Harbinger

The Imperial

Laura’s Theme

McMahon’s March

The Whirlpool

Wi’ a Haggis in yer Sporran



Beamish Mary

The Bootless Tie

The Catchgate Crapshooter

Dirty Duck

Gairloch Sands

Gormless Goose

Hair on a Seesawing

Joanna’s Jaunt



Pig’s Brawl

Pinfold Jetty

Quakie’s Fell

Ragon Reel 1

Ragon Reel 2

The Redcar Reel


The Yodelling Pitchfork




The Chateau

Mandy Linn

Mother’s Rouen

Peeping Tom Tunebook - Ben Woodward and Ian Wilson

SKU: AP103
  • Peeping Tom played their last gig at Bromyard Folk Festival 2023. Prior to that they were the country’s favourite ceilidh band. Beside playing many traditional tunes they also played tunes written by two band members Ben Woodward and Ian Wilson. Sixty-three of these tunes are presented here. Many of the these tunes have become firm session favourites.

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