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Orlando's Return CD - John Kirkpatrick

Track List


The Whitehaven Volunteers

The Wiltshire Six-Hand Reel

The Goathland Square Eight

The True Joak, The Black Joak

The White Joak, The Yellow Joak

Hunt the Squirrel

Hunt the Hare

Tink A Tink

The Sussex Bonny Breast Knot

The Shepton Hornpipe

Hunt the Squirrel

The Contented Farmer


Jack's Alive

Orlando's Return

The Battle of Prague

The Red Joak

John of the Greeny Cheshire Way

Down the Sides and Up the Middle

The Radstock Jig

The Irish Washerwoman

The Jingling Geordie

Hexham Races

The Squirrel

Alf Gray's Jig

The Dandy Dancer

The Tank, Philibelula All The Way

Penny on the Water

Mr. Cosgill's Delight

Dam It

The Sailor's Delight

Sick And Very Bad

The Derby Hunt    2

Bobby Shafto

Leap Over The Garter

John Peel


The Good Old Way

Whacky Jigs

The Gypsies' Round

The Brickmakers

Double Change Sides

Prince William

Dr. Fausters’ Tumblers

Holborn March

Oscar Woods’ Jig

Hyde Park

King Edward The Second's Jig

Miss Gayton's Hornpipe

Wilson's Favourite

The Sheringham Breakdown

Orlando's Return CD - John Kirkpatrick

  • John has produced two excellent soundtracks, Orlando's Return and Garrick's Delight, to accompany his book John Kirkpatrick's English Choice. 


    This companion CD along with Garrick's Delight contain all the tunes in the book John Kirpatrick's English Choice.

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