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Oldham Rant CD - Nick Barber

Track List


The Cream Pot

Bang Upp


Lord Zouch’s Maske

Sally Sloane’s Jig

The Feathers

Angela Mary Lee

Chelsea Reach

Chelmsford Assembly

The Honeymoon

Oldham Rant

Spanish Patriots

Duke of York’s Hornpipe

Cuckolds All a Row


Lady’s Plaything

Red Lion

Tumblers Hornpipe

Lilly Lips


London Hornpipe

Stony Steps

Draper’s Maggot

Bloomsbury Market

Robertson’s Hornpipe

The Plane Tree

Said Too Much Already

Cumberland Waltz

L’Inconnue de Limoise

The Leaving of Lismore

Jour d’Été


Hole in the Wall

French Waltz

In the Toyshop

Mick’s Tune

South Downs


Never Again

Les Filles de mon Pays

Oldham Rant CD - Nick Barber

  • Nick has produced two excellent soundtracks, Grand Chain and Oldham Rant, to accompany his book, Nick Barber's English Selection.


    This companion CD along with Grand Chain contain all the tunes in the book Nick Barber's English Selection.

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