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Minstrel's Fancy CD - Pauline Cato

Track List


The Keelman’s Petition

The Cliff 

The Fair Maid of Whickham

The Squire of Bensham 

Sir John Fenwick’s (The Flower Among Them All) 

Whinshield’s Hornpipe

Whinham’s Reel


Felton Lonnen

Fairly Shot of Her 

The Locomotive

The Steamboat

President Garfield’s Hornpipe 

The Corn Riggs 

The Fair Flower of Northumberland

Blow the Wind Southerly 

The Lemonville Rig

Harlequin’s Jig

Pet of the Pipers 

Saint Anne’s Reel


The Mason’s Apron 

Rusty Gulley

Lads of Alnwick 

Johnny Armstrong 

Keelman Ower the Land

The Redesdale Hornpipe 

Derwentwater’s Farewell

The Hesleyside Reel

Roxburgh Castle 

Miss Thompson’s Hornpipe

The Sheffield Hornpipe 


The Hawk

The De’il Amang the Tailors 

Lads of North Tyne

Minstrel’s Fancy

Harvest Home 

The Crooked Bawbee

Friendly Visit 

I’ll Get Wedded in My Auld Claes (The Hexham Quadrille)

The South Shore

Minstrel's Fancy CD - Pauline Cato

  • Pauline has produced two soundtracks to accompany her book, Pauline Cato's Northumbrian Choice, containing the beautiful and haunting melodies of Northumberland.


    This companion CD along with Bonny at Morn contain all the tunes in the book Pauline Cato's Northumbrian Choice.

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