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The Joys of Life and Shaskeen Live CD - The Shaskeen

If you like Irish music, you’ll enjoy this CD immensely. If you play Irish music you’ll find this CD really useful listening. All the tunes found on Joys of Life and Shaskeen Live are core Irish session repertoire. Accurate transcriptions of all the tunes can be found in the book Through the Half Door. Wonderful music.


Born out of Galway and the West, Shaskeen rebounds a tradition that is deeper than time itself. Reels and jigs played with a verve and vigour that commands the ultimate response – the passioned play of dancing feet on the stone floor. Shaskeen have been sharing their music with us for many years now, long may it continue.
The music on this album is the exact length and pace for the following sets:
The Caledonian Set : The Galway Set : The Aran Set : The Connemara Set


Track List


Reels: Cooley’s, The Earl’s Chair
Reel: The Trip to Durrow
Reels: Farewell to Connaught, The Bank of Ireland, The Galway Rambler
Jigs: The Banks of Newfoundland, Mysteries of Knock, Páidín O’Rafferty
Reels: Pigeon on the Gate, The Foxhunters
Hornpipes: The Wicklow, Murphy’s
Reel: The Humours of Tulla
Reel: Rolling in the Ryegrass
Reel: McMahon’s
Jig: Maloney’s Wife

Reel: Tear the Calico
Reels: The New Copperplate, The Old Copperplate
Reels: Crowley’s, Lord McDonald’s, The Cameronian, The Boys of Ballisodare
Polka: Johnny Mickey’s
Reels: The Eel in the Sink, Mullingar Races, Sheehan’s
Reels: The Tarbolton, The Longford Collector, The Sailor’s Bonnet
Reels: The Shaskeen, Lady Ann Montgomery, Maud Millar
Polka: The Magic Slipper
Reels: The Teetotaller, The Sailor on the Rock
Reels: The Volunteer, The Ships are Sailing, The Redhaired Lass

Jigs: The Joys of Life, Morrison’s
Reels: The Boy in the Boat, Anderson’s
Barn Dances: The Ballroom Favourites
Reels: The Turnpike Gate, The Ten Pound Float
Medley: The Banks of Lough Gowna, John Brennan’s, The Sligo Reel
Reels: The Morning Dew, Cooley’s, The Earl’s Chair
Hornpipes: McCarthy’s, Lawson’s
Jigs: Strike the Gay Harp, The Tailor’s Wedding
Reels: The New Policeman, The London Lassies

The Joys of Life and Shaskeen Live CD - The Shaskeen

  • This companion CD along with The Atlantic Breeze contain all the tunes in the book Through the Half Door.

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