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Instant Tin Whistle Folk CD

Track List


Skip to my Lou 
Bobby Shaftoe 
Donkey Riding 
New York Girls 
Black Velvet Band 
Sam Hall 
The Nightingale 
Reuben Ranzo 
South Australia

The Leaving of Liverpool

Fathom the Bowl 
All for me Grog 
The Old Woman from Wexford 
Whiskey in the Jar 
Home, Boys, Home 
Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ye 
Whip Jamboree 
Love is Teasing Maggie May 
Camptown Races

Who's the Fu' Now? 
Speed the Plough 
Sweeney's Polka 
Oyster Girl 
Captain Pugwash 
Soldiers' Joy

Instant Tin Whistle Folk CD

  • This companion CD contains all the tunes in the book Instant Tin Whistle Folk.

  • Companion CD to Instant Tin Whistle Folk

    Stock Code: AM123

    ISBN: 978 1 899512 91 1

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