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Grand Chain CD - Nick Barber

Track List


Fête du Village

Mittell’s Hornpipe

The Quarryman

Lemonville Jig

Uncle Jim’s

Prince Albert’s Jig

Soldiers’ Joy (Suffolk)

Three Jolly Sheepskins

Butcher’s Hornpipe

Sadlers Wells

Coleford Jig

Albert Farmer’s Bonfire

Watson’s Hornpipe

Grand Chain

Hill’s Fancy

Double Figure Eight

Will’s Way

Sweeps Hornpipe

Tom Tolley’s Hornpipe

Little Burnt Potato

Basquet of Oysters

The Valiant


Poolside Polka

Dennington Bell

Bath Hornpipe

Cook Hornpipe

Miss Gayton’s Hornpipe

Cuckoo’s Nest

Miss Menager’s Hornpipe

Holywell Hornpipe

Officer’s Polka

Mr Rew’s Polka

Clee Hill

Roman Wall

East Bolden

Ann Frazer McKenzie

Duke of York’s Quickstep

Boys of School Hill

Mount Hills

Maiden Lane

Bus Stop


Rosalie Prairie Flower

Kirkgate Hornpipe

March in Bluebeard

Shropshire Lass

LNB Polka

Radstock Jig

Leeds Polka

Grand Hornpipe

Fourpence Halfpenny Farthing

Bellingham Boat

The Flight 

The Bal

Grand Chain CD - Nick Barber

  • Nick has produced two excellent soundtracks, Grand Chain and Oldham Rant, to accompany his book, Nick Barber's.

    English Selection.


    This companion CD along with Oldham Rant contain all the tunes in the book Nick Barber's English Selection.

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