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Garrick's Delight CD - John Kirkpatrick

Track List


Touch the Thing

The Milesian

The Nymph

The Prince of Wales’ Jig

The RunawayThe Militia

The New White Hart Hornpipe

The Red Lion Hornpipe

The Welch Hornpipe

We Will Down with the French

Trip to the Cottage

Hunting the Squirrel

Garrick's Delight

The Flaxley Green Dance

Dennis Crowther's No. 3

Polly Put The Kettle On

The Evesham Stick Dance

Thorpe Malsor Trumpet Tune


Soldier's Wedding

The First of September

The Kirkgate Hornpipe

Physical Snob

Fairy Prince

Merry Wakefield

Dutch Pins

Long Odds

Captain Macintosh

The Regent's Hornpipe

The Lass of Dallogill

The Tempest

Russian Cavalry


The Shrewsbury Waltz

Bonnets So Blue

Princess Caroline's Waltz

The Big Ship

The Dannish Waltz

The Colosseum

The Prince Regent

The Croaking Cardinal

Rufty Tufty

General Hill's Favourite


John of Paris

Hasty Money

The Charming Maid

The Washington Hornpipe

Garrick's Delight CD - John Kirkpatrick

  • John has produced two excellent soundtracks, Orlando's Return and Garrick's Delight, to accompany his book John Kirkpatrick's English Choice. 


    This companion CD along with Orlando's Return contain all the tunes in the book John Kirpatrick's English Choice.

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