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Five Mile Chase CD - GordonTyrrall

Track List


The Morning Dew, Killavel Fancy, Tie the Bonnet,

Rolling in the Ryegrass reels

Willie Coleman’s, The Monaghan Jig jigs

Kitty’s Wedding, The Friendly Visit hornpipes

The Maple Leaf, Man of Aran reels

Tone Rowe’s, Cornelius Curtin’s Big Balloon jigs

The Skylark, Roaring Mary reels

The Barnacle Redowa redowa

The Morning Star, The Cup of Tea reels

The Horse and Jockey, Seán Ryan’s hornpipes

The Maid of Mount Cisco, Seán McGuire’s reels

Blarney Pilgrim, The Battering Ram jigs

Trip to Birmingham, The Old Blackthorn, Five Mile Chase reels

Tune the Fiddle, Langstrom’s Pony jigs

McDermott’s, Gol agus Gaire na hÉireann, The Hunter’s Purse reels

Over the hills to glory, Flowers of Edinburgh schottische & reel

Pigeon on the Gate, Fisherman’s Island reels

The Ducks and the Oats, The Bank of Turf jigs

A Rainy Day, The Maid Behind the Bar reels    

The Flowing Tide, Byrne’s hornpipes    

The Belles of Tipperary, Toss the Feathers reels

Rose Among the Heather, Paddy Taylor’s jigs

The Ivy Leaf, The Dublin Reel reels

The Scartaglen polka

        Overall playing time 58·11

Five Mile Chase CD - GordonTyrrall

SKU: AP105
  • This companion CD along with Banish Misfortune contain all the tunes in the book Gordon Tyrrall's Irish Choice.

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