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Fiddler's Tune-Book - Peter Kennedy

When first printed in two books during the fifties, this generous selection of some of the finest airs in the British Isles went on to become a landmark in the history of traditional music publishing and, as a result, the repertoires of innumerable musicians became strengthened and enriched; one can only speculate on the huge influence those musicians then must have had on the embellishment and continuing development of traditional music.

Now brought together in one convenient volume with chords added, this edition of The Fiddler's Tune-Book is sure to be welcomed not only by those same musicians, but also by the succession of younger traditional players eager to plunder this legendary treasure chest of timeless melodies. Complete with index with alternative titles, introduction by Peter Kennedy.




American dwarf

Ap shenkin

Astley's ride

Barbary bell

Barnacle waltz

Beaux of Oakhill

Betty Black

Biddy the bowl wife

Big ship

Billy in the Lowlands


Bluebell polka

Bobby Shaftoe

Boney crossing the Alps

Bonnets so blue

Bonny Ann

Bonny breast knots

Bonny Kate

Bonny lad

Bonny laddie

Bonny lass

Bonny Tyneside

Bottom of punchbowl

Breach of Killiecranky


Bristol hornpipe

Buffalo girls

Bunch of rushes

Captain White

Castles in the air

Cinderella waltz

Circassian circle

Cliff hornpipe

Cock o' the north

Come dance and sing

O'er the stream Charlie

Corn rigs

Cuckoo's nest

Cupid's waltz

Dashing white sergeant

Davy-davy Knick-knack

Devil among the tailors

Dorsetshire hornpipe

Drink your tea, love

Drops of drink

Drowsy Maggie


Drunken piper

Drunken sailor

Durham rangers Elks festival

Fairy dance

Far from home

Farewell to whisky

First of May

Fisher's frolic

Flowers of Edinburgh

Friendly visit



Gipsy's hornpipe

Girl I left behind me

Girl with blue dress on


Golden farmer

Goodnight and joy

Go to the devil

Grand old Duke of York

Green grow the rushes-o

Greenwood tree

Harvest home

Haste to the wedding

Hexham races

Hilly-go, filly-go


Hullichan jig

Hundred pipers

I'll gang nae mair to yon

I'm over young to marry

Irish washerwoman

Jacky tar

Jenny's gone to Linton

Johnny's gone to France

John of Paris

Katie's rambles

Keel row

King William of Orange

Kitty O' Lynn

Lad wi' the plaidie

Lady in the boat

Lady Mary Douglas

Lady of the lake

Lannigan's ball

Larry Bourne

La Russe

Lassie's fancy

Lass on the strand

Lily white

Liverpool hornpipe

London bridge Lord MacDonald

Lord Moira

Lovely Nancy

Love, port and sherry


Maggie Brown

Maid of Glenconnel

Manchester hornpipe

Marquis of Lorne

Mary the maid

Mason's apron

May day

Merry blacksmith

Merry masons

Minstrel's fancy

Miss Forbes' farewell

Money musk

Morning star

Morpeth rant

Muckin' o' Geordie's byre


My home

Lodging's on cold ground

My love is but a lassie

My wife's a wanton thing

Nancy Dill

Nancy's fancy

Napoleon crossing Alps

Navvie on the line

New rigged ship



No place like home

Off she goes

Off to California

Old Rosin, the beau

Orange and blue

Over the hills to glory

Over the moor

Over the water to Charlie

Oyster girl

Paddy on the turnpike

Peacemakers hornpipe

Peggy's wedding

Perfect cure

Persian hunt

Pet of the pipers


Pickle tow

Pirate's waltz Plymouth lasses

Polly put the kettle on

Pop goes the weasel

Portland fancy

Princess Margarets fancy


Quaker's wife

Rachael Rae

Rakes of mallow

Red stocking


Rollicking Irishman

Rose tree

Roxburgh castle


Scotch Mary

Scotland is my ain hame

Shepherd's wife

Silver pin


Sleeping moggy

Smash the windows

Soldier's joy

Some say the devil's dead

Song of sixpence

Speed the plough

Starry night for a ramble

Staten Island

Steamboat hornpipe

Steamboat waltz



Tenpenny bit

Three sea captains

Three "waltz-ons"

Timour the tartar


Trip to the cottage


Turkey in the straw

Washing day

West end

When daylight shines

White cockade

Wild hills o' Wannies

Within a mile

Wittle Dean

Wonder hornpipe

Yankee doodle

Young Jane

Fiddler's Tune-Book - Peter Kennedy

SKU: AR101
  • First published in the early 1950s and now re-printed with chords, The Fiddler's Tune-Book was a landmark collection, edited by veteran folklorist and collecter Peter Kennedy. This book is crammed with 200 core repertoire tunes for all traditional musicians. If you have no traditional music books, this is the first one you should buy.

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