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Banish Misfortune CD - Gordon Tyrrall

Track List


Christmas eve, The pullet reels

The fort of Kincora, The fairies’ hornpipe hornpipes    

The green mountain, The Duke of Leinster reels

The flail, Willie Clancy’s jigs

Maud Miller, Jack McGuire's reels

The man from Skye, The fairy reel hornpipe & reel

Bird in the bush, The Kerry reel reels    

O’Keeffe’s, Weaver’s slides

The march of the King of Laoise march

Jenny’s chickens, Craig’s pipes reels

The lark on the strand, The Leitrim fancy jigs

The Sligo reel, The humours of Lissadel reels

Queen among the rushes, Dusty windowsills jigs

Gilbert Clancy's reel, The knotted cord reels

The kesh, Morrison’s, The maid in the meadow jigs

Mick Coen’s, The branch line, Kerry no.2 polkas

The first house in Connaught, The road to Knock reels

Scotsman over the border, Tom Billy’s jig no.1 jigs

The smell of the bog, The rights of man hornpipes

Banish misfortune, Up Sligo! jigs

Seán McKenna’s no.1, Seán McKenna’s no.2 reels

The foxhunter’s jig, Drops of brandy slip jigs

Tom Billy’s, Dogs among the bushes, Sligo maid reels

The Killavel, The cliffs of Moher jigs

The Boyne hunt, Tarbolton lodge, Rakish Paddy reels

        Overall playing time 63·03

Banish Misfortune CD - Gordon Tyrrall

  • This companion CD along with Five Mile Chase contain all the tunes in the book Gordon Tyrrall's Irish Choice.

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