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Band Swing Book - Pete Mac

Band Swing is designed to be especially 'user friendly' to musicians playing in folk dance bands, and tunes have been written out in a straight forward way. On pages labelled as Reels, Polkas, Jigs, Hornpipes or Waltzes, individual tunes can be played from top to bottom as a sequence of similar tunes. In the Specials section, if more than one tune is shown for a dance, the tunes have been specially chosen to be played in a sequence.




Adam Buchan's Follow On

After the Ball

Aiken Drum

Alabama Jubilee

Athol Highlanders

Aunt Hessie's White Horse

Belfast Polka, The

Belle of the Ball'

Bonnie Lass that didna Marry Me

Boys of Biuehill, The

Boys of Wexford

Caddam Wood

Captain Pugwash

Captain White

Chinese Breakdown

Click go the Shears

Codlins and Cream

Columbus Stockade Blues

Coming Round the Mountain

Crooked Stove Pipe

Daisy Daisy

Dark Girl Dressed in Blue

Dashing White Sergeant

Dingle Regatta

Director's Chair

Dorset Four-hand Reel

Double Quadrille

Drops of Brandy

Eye Level

Farmer's Jamboree Planxty Irwin

Ragtime Annie

Fisherman, The

Foxhunter's Jig

Frankie and Johnny

Girl with the Blue Dress On,


Grandfather's Clock

Harvest Home

Hebridean Waters

Home on the Range


Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight

Hundred Pipers

I'll be your Sweetheart

Jenny Lind

Job Lot

John Ryan's Polka

Jolly Coppersmith

iJohnny Lad

Joys of Quebec

Jumping Cactus

Kelly. the Boy from Killane

La Russe

Leaving of Liverpool, The

Let Him Go, Let Him Tarry

Levi Jackson Rag

Little Burnt Potato Lord of the Dance

Mackerel for Tea

Major Mackie's Jig

Man who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo, The

Marmaduke's Hornpipe 

Marquis of Lome, The

McQuillen's Squeezebox

Miss Campbell of Saddle

My Lodging's on the Cold, Cold 

My Love She's but a Lassie Yet!

My Wife's a Wanton Wee Thing

Nancy's Fancy

Navvie on the Line

New Rigged Ship

New Shetland Boston

Nicole of Nancy

No Man's Jig

Oban Bay

Oh Johnny!

Old Steamer, The

Old Towler

Oyster Girl

Peacock Rag

Peat Fire Flame

Perfect Cure, The

Pete's Peerie Boat

Phillibelula all the Way

Rare Bog Ray Horrick's Reel


Rope Waltz, The

Royal Albert

Salmon Tails up the Water

Scotland the Brave

Sean South

Silver and Gold

Silver Demon, The

Soldiers' Joy

Spaceman, The

Speed the Plough

Sproats of Bernie Boozle

Sweets of May

Tavern in the Town

Three Sea Captains

Titanic, The

Turkey in the Straw 


Uncle Bernard's

Up Jumped the Devil

Waltzing Matilda

Weaver and his Wife, The

When Daylight Shines

Whose? Jig


Winkie Reel, The

Year End Two-step

Yellow Rose of Texas

Band Swing Book - Pete Mac

SKU: AR110
  • Edited by piano accordion player Pete Mac, this book is an indispensable source for folk dance band musicians who need suitable playable tunes which work well together. Uniquely, some of the more complicated tunes have alongside them a simpler arrangement for less experienced musicians. Pete is a stalwart of the Camping and Caravan Club Folk Section.

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