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100 Essential Scottish Ceilidh Tunes Book - Dave Mallinson

Presented here are 100 well-known, popular, traditional Scottish dance tunes, ideally suited to ceilidh dancing and pub sessions. Included are reels, jigs, hornpipes, marches, waltzes, slip jigs and schottisches. They range from very easy to extremely difficult. However, the majority of the tunes are well within the grasp of the average player.

I’ve kept the tune classification and time signatures as simple as possible particularly in the reels category. Some musicians, I’m sure, would want to write some of the tunes in 2/4 time and class some as polkas, country dances or flirtations. I myself had the idea of splitting the reels into single reels and double reels. Single reels having fewer notes per bar than double reels or, looking at it another way, single reels are easier tunes than double reels. However, when it came to deciding wheth